Sometimes, we feed your product market steroids to maximize Profits.

Sunique A&M’s work philosophy is: sit at the client’s side of the table, and look at advertising – the creativity, the impact potential, the cost-effectiveness, the place, time, platform & frequency – et al, is judged from the client’s point of view.

This client-centric approach enables Sunique to devise the most cost-effective marketing and creative strategies for its clients. In fact, the Agency has developed this knack to such an extent, that many clients approach it with the single-minded purpose of deriving Marketing Intelligence.

Through discussions, market surveys, Target Audience interactions and pilot surveys, Sunique A&M formulates a future script for their products / brands / services / companies. All they then have to do is: match their marketing & advertising efforts to these pointers – ideally, through Sunique A&M itself.

Sunique A&M believes… …

… …that advertising must be more directly than indirectly linked to the client’s sales enhancement.

… …that brand-building is a continuous process. Even after a desired marketshare has been attained, the brand enforcement process has to continue. The company must maintain a relationship with the customer. Or else, the brand will suffer from mindshare erosion in the long run.