At Sunique A&M, we believe, and it has been our experience, that the relationship between an Advertising / Communication Agency and a Corporate House / Company evolves over time – tested through the thick and thin of industrial transformations, market vicissitudes, policy changes and consumer behavior shifts.

Much like relationships between human beings.
It (the bond between the company and the agency) does not bloom over one brilliant advertising / marketing campaign. It slowly grows over time, through good times and bad times.

Much like the relationship between human beings – while first impressions are critical, and must ideally be breathtaking, what cements the relationship are the plus-minus, push-pull, pros-cons of their interactions, and the trust, regard and dependability that builds across moments of challenge.

We believe in this fully. That is why we approach our client relationships with the same intensity, sincerity and commitment with which we approach our personal relationships.

And, thanks to this belief, and its ardent pursuit, we have built over time numerous deep-rooted and mutually rewarding relationships with our clients.

We would like to build one such relationship with YOU too.